Friday, 17 January 2014

Brand Spotlight: ASOS, or simply ASOS, is the ever growing online fashion provider, with it being the UK's largest online-only fashion (and beauty) store. It features more than 50,000 own label, but also branded, product lines. It had free international delivery, and free next day delivery in the UK, when you spend over £100 (which is very easy.. trust me!), and you can generally order up to 9pm for this. So if this isn't enough.. why do people rave so much about this site?

Well, over the past year my obsession with ASOS has grown and grown, with a huge part of my wardrobe being from here, and 99% of that being from it's own label. The main reasons for this are as follows:

1 - The Selection

Thinking about 50,000 different products is pretty hard to comprehend, and put into context, and ploughing through all the new styles has become a bit of a hobby for me lately - which probably isn't that healthy - but totally worth it.

Wearing all ASOS for a day out in London - whoops.
I have on their black 'super skinny jeans',
a denim shirt, and a chunky cardigan.  
I'm pretty sure that every time I visit the site, I fall into the allure of of their amazing looking products, and seem to leave having departed with some of my money. Trust me though, it does take some time looking through all the yards of stuff, unless you know exactly what you want, so you can use their search feature, or 'refine' features to only look at a specific category.

2 - The value

First of all, with free delivery and returns, ASOS have a great start in making their service value for money - but as well as this, the price of, particularly the own-branded lines, is exceptional. They are, in my opinion, more reasonably priced than the high-street giants, such as Topman and River Island, but (obviously) more than, say, Primark. So in general, they are a perfect middle-of-the-road clothing retailer. 

As mentioned earlier, ASOS also have many other brands,
such as Nike (which is specifically footwear, I think).

I must admit that - as many other users would - not all the products are exceptional quality, but that's what the easy, free returns are for.. right? So do except to sending some of your order back, as you really have to see some things in the flesh to get a feel for the quality.

But, saying this, ALL of the clothes that I have purchased wash incredibly well, and still look good on you after the first wash (unlike some retailer's products.. *cough* Primark *cough*).

I would warn you though, some of the products, specifically high-end branded ones, on the site are ridiculously priced, as you would except from
these brands.

3 - The sales

Yep.. unlike some retails, ASOS's sales are actually good and have decent products in them. Whenever they have sales, I'm pretty sure it's the law that I have to look at EVERY single product that is in it, and therefore have to spend some money. Along with the decent products in them, the discounts offered in the sales are very good - again unlike some places, who seem to think that 1% off  an item is a good deal...

They also offer student discount all year round, and are prone to offering further discount codes fairly regularly, such as 20% off everything, or 30% off a certain category, such as 'Winter Essentials', for example. So make sure you are subscribed to their emails and are always on a lookout for promotional codes, as they can allow you to get some good bargains.

4 - Simplicity and experience
A cheeky reappearance from that denim shirt, and
the black 'super skinny jeans' - which I LOVE.

This may seem like a basic point, but the whole site is one of the best layed-out webpage that I have used, which is understandable considering that they are online only. But the whole design is easy to use, which improves the whole, overall experience.

Also, the 'save item' feature is really cool, which allows you to, well.. save items for later on - and, if you're logged on to your account, you can pick them items up again, on another device, not just a later date. 

The app is also great.. but it does make shopping more dangerous, as I am partial to having a cheeky look on my phone or iPad, which then that leads to me placing an order... I'm warning you!

So to sum up... ASOS has a huge selection of products, is great value, has great sales and offers and is also a pleasure to use. If you have never, or haven't in a while, looked on the site, or if I have convinced you already, I would highly recommend you have a sneaky look now.. you won't regret it.

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